Exploring the Functions of Brompton Bags

Exploring the Functions of Brompton Bags

Picture this: you’re cruising through the city, trying to get from one place to another. You’re on a Brompton bike, which is pretty cool. But what sets you apart is your Brompton bag. These bags are designed to work with Brompton’s folding bikes, so you can easily take them anywhere. They’re not just stylish, though – they’re also super practical. Let’s take a closer look at all the different ways you can use these bags to make your life easier.

When you first look at Brompton bags, they’re just something to carry your stuff in. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see that they’ve got a lot of cool features that make them user-friendly. Whether you’re using them to commute to work, go on a weekend trip, or pick up some groceries, these bags are designed to be versatile and adapt to all kinds of situations.

Brompton bags are awesome—they can fit a lot of stuff in them! Even though Brompton bikes are pretty small, their bags have surprisingly large compartments that can hold all kinds of things, like laptops, clothes, water bottles, and more. Brompton has different types of bags, like the cool front carrier block bags, saddlebags, and backpacks, so you can pick the one that fits your style and needs.

Brompton bags are designed for cyclists who want to access their stuff easily. They have multiple pockets, compartments, and organisers positioned just right to help you keep your things organised and within reach. Whether you need to grab your phone, wallet, or keys, Brompton bags are your perfect companion on the go. You’ll stay organised and focused on your ride without any unnecessary hassle.

Beyond storage and accessibility, Brompton bags are engineered for durability and weather resistance, two crucial factors for urban cyclists navigating unpredictable environments. Constructed from high-quality materials such as waterproof fabrics and reinforced stitching, these bags can withstand daily use and adverse weather conditions, keeping belongings safe and dry even during rainy commutes.

Also, the Brompton bags are designed to work with Brompton’s collapsible bike frame, which helps keep your ride stable and balanced. The attachment mechanisms are solid and easy to use, so you can attach and detach the bags without messing up the bike’s look or functionality. Whether running a quick errand or commuting a long distance, you can be confident that your Brompton bags will stay put and keep your stuff safe.

Versatility is another hallmark of Brompton bags, as they are designed to adapt to various cycling needs and preferences. For commuters, Brompton bags’ compact and lightweight design makes them ideal for navigating crowded streets and public transportation. Meanwhile, cyclists embarking on longer journeys can opt for larger capacity bags equipped with additional features such as reflective accents for enhanced visibility and padded compartments for electronic devices.

Also, Brompton bags aren’t just practical; they’re also super stylish and classy, perfectly matching the sleek design of Brompton bikes. They come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and finishes, allowing cyclists to showcase their personality and style through their choice of bag. Riding with a Brompton bag is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Brompton bags are designed with cyclists’ feedback, making them super comfortable and practical. From comfy shoulder straps to adjustable buckles, everything is thoughtfully designed to ensure cyclists of all ages and types can use them with ease. Plus, the ventilated back panels help keep you cool and dry on your ride.

To sum up, Brompton bags are more than just cool accessories; they’re like best buddies for bikers cruising through the city. These bags are not only practical with ample storage, easy access, and lasting quality, but they also perfectly match Brompton bikes and come in various versatile designs. As cities change and biking becomes a must-have transport option, Brompton bags continue to promise to provide the ultimate mix of style, ease, and functionality for bikers.

Exploring Color Trends in London Interior Design

Exploring Color Trends in London Interior Design

In the dynamic world of interior design, colour plays a pivotal role in shaping the look and feel of a space. From bold accent hues to soothing neutrals, the choice of colour can evoke emotions, create ambience, and express personal style. In London, a melting pot of culture and creativity, interior designers and design firms are at the forefront of setting colour trends that resonate globally. This article will delve into the vibrant palette of colour trends emerging from London’s interior design scene, showcasing the creativity and innovation of leading designers and firms.

The Influence of London Interior Designers

London interior designers are renowned for their eclectic and innovative approach to colour, drawing inspiration from the city’s rich cultural tapestry and architectural heritage. From classic elegance to contemporary flair, London designers infuse their projects with sophistication and individuality through colour. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, they transform spaces into visually captivating environments that reflect the personality and lifestyle of their clients.

Interior Design Firms Leading the Way

Interior design firms London play a crucial role in shaping colour trends and pushing the boundaries of design. With their diverse portfolios and multidisciplinary teams, these firms bring expertise and creativity to every project. From boutique studios to large-scale firms, London is home to a vibrant ecosystem of design talent, each with its unique aesthetic and colour approach. Whether creating luxurious residences, chic boutiques, or trendy hospitality venues, these firms are at the forefront of innovation, setting the standard for design excellence.

Emerging Color Trends

Several colour trends have emerged from London’s interior design scene in recent years, reflecting the city’s ever-evolving aesthetic sensibilities and global influence. One notable trend is the resurgence of earthy tones and organic hues inspired by nature and sustainability. Shades of warm terracotta, soft sage green, and rich ochre are being embraced for their ability to create a sense of serenity and connection to the natural world.

Another trend gaining traction is using bold and vibrant colours to make a statement and inject personality into interiors. From daring jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue to playful pastels and punchy primaries, London designers are not afraid to experiment with colour to create dynamic and visually striking spaces. Whether used as accents or as the main event, these bold hues add energy and excitement to any room.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, minimalist and monochromatic colour schemes continue to be popular among London designers, particularly in urban settings where space is at a premium. Crisp whites, soft greys, and muted tones create a sense of simplicity and sophistication, allowing architectural details and furnishings to take centre stage. These understated palettes are timeless and versatile, making them a favourite choice for modern interiors.

In addition to these overarching trends, London interior designers are also exploring the interplay of textures and finishes to add depth and dimension to colour schemes. From matte finishes to high-gloss surfaces, juxtaposing textures create visual interest and tactile appeal, enhancing the overall design scheme.

The Future of Color in London Interior Design

Looking ahead, the future of colour in London interior design promises to be as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, biophilic design, and wellness, we can expect to see more earthy tones, natural materials, and calming hues inspired by the natural world. At the same time, London’s bold and adventurous spirit will continue to drive experimentation with vibrant colours and unexpected combinations, pushing the boundaries of design and creativity.

Colour trends in London’s interior design reflect the city’s vibrant energy, cultural diversity, and design innovation. From the classic elegance of heritage hues to the boldness of contemporary palettes, London designers and firms are at the forefront of setting trends that inspire and captivate. As the city continues to evolve and adapt to changing tastes and lifestyles, we can expect to see an exciting array of colours and design concepts emerge, shaping the future of interior design in London and beyond.

Evaluating Espresso from the Rocket Appartamento

Evaluating Espresso from the Rocket Appartamento

When crafting the perfect cup of espresso, coffee enthusiasts worldwide turn to the Rocket Appartamento. This Italian-made espresso machine has gained a substantial following for its exceptional design, precision engineering, and promise of delivering unparalleled espresso quality. In this article, we embark on a journey to evaluate the espresso produced by the Rocket Appartamento, exploring what sets it apart and why it has become a sought-after choice for coffee connoisseurs in Australia and beyond.

The Rocket Appartamento: A Brief Introduction

Before delving into the espresso evaluation, let’s briefly introduce the Rocket Appartamento for those needing to become more familiar with this espresso machine.

The Rocket Appartamento is a semi-automatic espresso machine handcrafted by Rocket Espresso in Milan, Italy. Known for their dedication to craftsmanship and quality, Rocket Espresso has a reputation for producing exceptional machines that cater to home baristas and professional coffee shops.

The Appartamento, with its iconic design and attention to detail, is no exception. It features a heat exchanger boiler, E61 group head, and a rotary pump – all of which consistently contribute to its ability to produce top-tier espresso shots. Its striking appearance, with polished stainless steel and circular cutouts on the sides, makes it a standout addition to any kitchen.

The Espresso Quality: A Deep Dive

Now, let’s explore the heart of our evaluation: the espresso quality produced by the Rocket Appartamento. What makes it stand out in the world of espresso machines, particularly in the context of Rocket Coffee Machine Australia?

Temperature Stability

One of the critical factors in achieving high-quality espresso is temperature stability. The Rocket Appartamento excels in this regard. Thanks to its heat exchanger boiler, the machine maintains a consistent and precise temperature for brewing. This ensures the coffee grounds are exposed to the ideal temperature range, extracting flavours with utmost accuracy.

Whether you’re pulling a single shot or a double, the Appartamento delivers a reliable and steady stream of hot water, resulting in espresso shots that are both flavorful and well-balanced. This temperature consistency is essential for extraction and contributes significantly to the espresso’s quality.

Pressure Profiling

Another aspect that sets the Rocket Appartamento apart is its ability to perform pressure profiling. Pressure profiling allows more control over the extraction process, enabling baristas to emphasise specific flavour notes in the coffee.

The Appartamento’s E61 group head and rotary pump provide the necessary tools for pressure profiling. By manipulating the pump pressure and flow rate during the extraction, you can accentuate the coffee’s taste profile nuances. This flexibility empowers you to experiment and tailor your espresso shots to your preferences.

Taste and Crema

It was a revelation when we finally savoured the espresso brewed by the Rocket Appartamento. The taste is rich and full-bodied, with a well-defined acidity that adds vibrancy to the cup. The crema, that golden layer on top of the espresso, is thick, velvety, and exhibits excellent persistence.

This exceptional taste and crema can be attributed to the combination of temperature stability, pressure profiling, and the precision of the Appartamento’s design. It’s a testament to how small details in espresso machine engineering can make a significant difference in the final cup.

Rocket Appartamento in Australia

Australia, renowned for its coffee culture, has embraced the Rocket Appartamento with open arms. Rocket Coffee Machine Australia has seen a surge in popularity, thanks partly to Appartamento’s ability to meet the high expectations of Australian coffee enthusiasts.

Australians are known for their discerning taste in coffee, and the Rocket Appartamento has proven itself by consistently delivering espresso that meets and exceeds these standards. Whether in a bustling café in Melbourne or brewing at home in Sydney, the Appartamento always produces espresso shots that rival those from the best coffee shops.

User Experience and Maintenance

Aside from its espresso quality, the Rocket Appartamento offers a user experience worthy of mention. It’s designed with the user in mind, ensuring that both beginners and experienced baristas can efficiently operate it.

User-Friendly Interface

The Appartamento features straightforward and intuitive controls, making it simple for users to navigate and adjust settings. This ease of use is precious for those new to espresso machines. Appartamento’s interface is straightforward and approachable whether you want to change the temperature, control the extraction time, or adjust the steam pressure for milk frothing.

Durability and Build Quality

The Rocket Appartamento is built to last. Its robust construction, including high-quality stainless steel and brass components, ensures longevity and durability. This longevity is vital for espresso enthusiasts who want their investment to stand the test of time.

Regular maintenance is essential to keep any espresso machine performing at its best, and the Appartamento is no exception. Fortunately, Rocket Espresso provides comprehensive maintenance guidelines and excellent customer support for Rocket Coffee Machine Australia customers, ensuring that users can keep their machines in pristine condition.

The Verdict: A Espresso Machine Worth the Investment

The Rocket Appartamento stands as a beacon of quality and craftsmanship in espresso machines. Its ability to consistently produce exceptional espresso shots and its user-friendly design and durability make it a worthy investment for coffee enthusiasts in Australia and beyond.

Whether you’re a seasoned barista looking to elevate your home brewing game or a novice coffee lover eager to explore the espresso world, the Rocket Appartamento won’t disappoint. It’s a testament to Italian engineering and the art of brewing the perfect cup of espresso.

A Guide to Custom Mirror Design Trends

A Guide to Custom Mirror Design Trends

Mirrors have long been cherished not only for their practicality but also for their aesthetic appeal. In the world of interior design, custom mirror design trends are constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern homeowners. Whether you’re looking to incorporate large mirrors as statement pieces or small mirrors for subtle accents, this guide will take you through the latest trends and ideas in custom mirror design to elevate your home decor.

1. Large Mirrors as Focal Points

One of the prominent trends in custom mirror design is the use of large mirrors as focal points in interior spaces. Oversized mirrors serve their functional purpose and create an illusion of spaciousness and depth. Placing a large mirror strategically can open up a room, making it feel brighter and more expansive.

2. Frameless Elegance

Frameless mirrors are gaining popularity due to their sleek and minimalist design. These mirrors seamlessly blend with any decor style and provide a clean, unobstructed reflection. Whether you choose a wall-sized frameless mirror in the living room or a frameless bathroom mirror, this trend adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your space.

3. Vintage-Inspired Mirrors

Vintage-inspired custom mirrors are making a comeback. Designers are incorporating ornate frames reminiscent of bygone eras to create a sense of nostalgia and charm. Antique-style mirrors with intricate details and decorative frames can add a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

4. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a trendy choice for custom mirror designs. Circular mirrors, hexagonal mirrors, and other non-traditional shapes can add visual interest to your walls. Mixing and matching various geometric mirrors can create an eye-catching focal point in any room.

5. Sunburst Mirrors

Sunburst mirrors continue to be a popular choice for custom mirror designs. These mirrors feature a central round or oval mirror surrounded by radiating spokes, creating a sun-like appearance. Sunburst mirrors can infuse a room with energy and a touch of glamour.

6. Mirrored Walls

Creating mirrored walls is an enduring trend in interior design. Installing mirrored panels or tiles on an entire wall can make a bold statement and reflect natural light, making the space feel more open and vibrant. This trend is often seen in dining rooms, bedrooms, and entryways.

7. Antique and Aged Finishes

Incorporating mirrors with antique or aged finishes adds character to your decor. Distressed, weathered, or antiqued mirror glass can give your space a sense of history and authenticity. These mirrors work well in rustic, shabby, chic, and vintage-themed interiors.

8. Small Mirrors for Decorative Clusters

Small mirrors are versatile design elements that can create decorative clusters on your walls. Grouping various small mirrors in different shapes and styles can be a fun and creative way to personalise your decor. Mix vintage-inspired, frameless, geometric small mirrors to achieve an eclectic look.

9. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are a modern and functional design trend. LED lighting integrated into the mirror frame provides ambient lighting and adds a contemporary touch to bathrooms and dressing areas. The soft, diffused glow creates an inviting atmosphere.

10. Custom Mirror Art

Custom mirror art is a growing trend where mirrors are not just for reflection but also serve as artistic canvases. Artists and designers are incorporating custom designs, etchings, and patterns on mirror surfaces, transforming them into unique pieces of art that blend functionality with creativity.

11. Colored Mirror Glass

Coloured mirror glass is gaining popularity as an accent feature. Tinted or coloured mirror glass can introduce subtle hues into your decor while maintaining the reflective properties of traditional mirrors. Consider using coloured mirrors for bathroom vanities or as decorative wall accents.

12. Floating Mirrors

Floating mirrors create a captivating illusion by appearing to hover above the wall. These mirrors are mounted with a gap between the mirror and the wall, adding depth and a sense of weightlessness to the design. Floating mirrors work well in modern and minimalist interiors.

13. Custom Mirror Shapes for Vanity and Furniture

Custom mirror shapes are not limited to wall mirrors alone. Designers are incorporating custom mirror shapes into furniture and vanity designs. Mirrored furniture pieces with unique shapes and frames can be statement additions to your home decor.

Custom mirror design trends offer possibilities for elevating your home decor. Whether you prefer large mirrors as striking focal points or small mirrors for subtle accents, the latest trends cater to various tastes and styles. From frameless elegance to vintage-inspired charm and from geometric shapes to antique finishes, custom mirrors can infuse personality and creativity into your living spaces. By staying updated with these trends, you can transform your home into a stylish and reflective haven that captures the essence of contemporary interior design.

Modern Sofas That Define Relaxation

Modern Sofas That Define Relaxation

In our fast-paced world, the importance of relaxation and downtime cannot be overstated. And when it comes to unwinding after a long day or spending quality time with loved ones, nothing quite compares to the comfort and allure of modern sofas. These contemporary masterpieces have evolved beyond mere pieces of Vavoom furniture & homewares; they are now functional art forms that define relaxation and transform interior spaces into havens of tranquillity.

The Evolution of Modern Sofas: A Brief Overview

The history of sofas can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where they were simple structures made from stone or wood. However, during the 17th and 18th centuries, sofas started to gain popularity, evolving into more comfortable and cushioned seating options. From there, various styles emerged, reflecting their respective eras’ artistic and design influences.

Fast forward to the present day, and we find ourselves during an era where innovation and creativity have collided, giving rise to modern sofas that push the boundaries of form and function. Today’s designs are far from their traditional ancestors, as they embrace contemporary materials, minimalist aesthetics, and ergonomic features, all focused on providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

Form Meets Function: The Anatomy of Modern Sofas

One of the defining features of modern sofas is their seamless blend of form and function. Designers have recognized the importance of creating furniture that not only looks good but also caters to the needs of modern living. As a result, modern sofas come in various shapes and sizes, catering to different spatial requirements and tastes.

One popular trend in modern sofa design is modularity. Modular sofas offer flexibility, allowing users to rearrange and customise seating arrangements to suit their preferences and space constraints. Additionally, many modern sofas incorporate hidden storage compartments, built-in charging stations, and adjustable headrests, seamlessly combining comfort with practicality.

Materials and Textures: The Palette of Modern Sofas

Modern sofas are a canvas of creativity for designers, with various materials and textures. While classic options like leather and fabric remain prevalent, there has been an increased emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Innovative designers are experimenting with recycled materials, organic fabrics, and responsibly sourced wood to create environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing sofas. This mindful approach aligns with the current environmental awareness and adds unique character and warmth to the furniture.

Colours and Patterns: Adding Vibrancy to Spaces

Gone are the days of limited colour palettes for sofas. Modern sofas come in a delightful spectrum of colours, from bold and vibrant to soft and pastel hues. These colours add personality to living spaces, making them more inviting and uplifting.

Moreover, patterned upholstery has made a comeback in the world of modern sofa design. Geometric shapes, abstract designs, and even nature-inspired patterns grace the surfaces of contemporary sofas, adding a touch of artistic expression to the furniture.

Ergonomics and Comfort: The Pinnacle of Relaxation

At the heart of every modern sofa is a commitment to ergonomic design and unmatched comfort. Sofas are no longer just for sitting; they are for lounging, napping, and creating moments of solace. High-density foam, memory foam, and down-filled cushions provide the perfect balance of support and cosiness, allowing users to sink into a state of pure relaxation.

Furthermore, ergonomic design principles ensure that modern sofas offer proper lumbar support and encourage healthy posture, making them the ideal companions for long hours of lounging or entertaining guests.

Revolutionising Spaces: Modern Sofas as Statement Pieces

In the modern interior design landscape, sofas have become more than just functional items; they are now statement pieces that reflect the homeowner’s style and personality. Bold, avant-garde designs stand proudly as centrepieces of living rooms, while understated and minimalist sofas create an aura of sophistication.

Modern sofas are versatile enough to complement various decor styles, from contemporary and mid-century modern to industrial and Scandinavian. Their ability to blend seamlessly into diverse environments is a testament to their artistic essence.

The world of modern sofas is a captivating fusion of art, design, and comfort. These pieces of furniture redefine relaxation and elevate interior spaces to new heights of beauty and tranquillity. With their innovative materials, creative methods, and commitment to comfort, modern sofas are not just places to sit but artistic expressions of a lifestyle focused on serenity and relaxation. Whether you’re curled up with a book, hosting friends, or simply taking a moment for yourself, modern sofas create the perfect environment for the art of lounge.

How To Migrate To Australia

How To Migrate To Australia

Australia’s immigration policy has evolved over the past 65 years, from focusing on attracting migrants from the UK to enlarge the Australian population to focusing on attracting workers (temporary skilled migrants) to meet the economy’s skills needs. The largest categories of temporary migrants entering the country in recent years have been foreign students and temporarily qualified migrants, especially those arriving on temporary business and the employer sponsored visa 482. The Qualified Professional Visa (Australian Work Visa) is sponsored by individual states to recruit workers according to specific needs.

These visas are granted to applicants sponsored by an Australian company for those that are possibly looking for Melbourne migration help. Employer-sponsored visas are a great way to move permanently to Australia. To be eligible, you need to find a broad-based employer who will sponsor you.

The Australian government offers many visa options based on eligibility criteria when you emigrate to Australia. If you decide to move with a work visa to Australia but want to stay permanently or long term in Australia, there are steps you can take to apply for a permanent residency permit. You can move to the country that provides you with family members who are already permanent residents or Australian citizens in Australia as part of the Job Programme.

US citizens can also emigrate to Australia provided they meet the requirements for one of the country’s visa subclasses. The employment and family visa leads to Australian citizenship but requires the applicant to live in Australia for four years (one year as a permanent resident). The investor visa is aimed at foreign investors who have set up business funds in Australia and have acquired permanent residence in the country for at least 4 years (including the year before obtaining the visa), after which they must pass an examination and make a declaration to be an Australian citizen.

There are a variety of visa options that you can apply for if you want to immigrate to Australia. These range from visas for successful entrepreneurs, visas for skilled migration and work visas for unskilled workers. Student visa – The Australian government encourages foreign students to study in Australia.

These visa options are available if you move to Australia for a job offer in 2020 or later. Of all visa options available to you to move to Australia when you are offered a job in 2020.

To help verify eligibility criteria and pick the best visa option, you can contact an immigration consultant to guide you through the immigration process. To learn more about Australia’s PR visa requirements and immigration to Australia, contact the Canberra team of immigration experts. A Victorian visa can help you meet the requirements for a qualified Australian business visa.

Entry to Australia on a qualified immigration visa is a two-stage process. Apply for your required work visa, find an apartment and learn a thing or two about Australian culture before making your official move. You can apply for a Victorian visa on our website, apply for an up-to-date Australian visa or apply on the Home Office website if you already have a visa for Victoria.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to secure a job, you can still be a qualified worker if you propose a qualified visa to the government. Applicants wishing to apply for an employer-sponsored Universal Qualified Immigration Visa must specify a profession that is one of Australia’s most qualified professions listed below. Have a look at the Department of Immigration’s list of qualified professions to see if you qualify for one of these coveted visas.

In 2008-09, 96.4 per cent of provisional visa applications came from state and territorial sponsors. Applicants for positions on the Medium to Long-Term Strategic Skills (MLTSL) list will have a visa for up to four years, while those applying for medium-term positions can apply for a permanent residence permit after three years.

It’s summer and many more are thinking about moving to enjoy the mild Australian winter. The Australian Cultural Orientation Program offers practical advice and opportunities to ask questions about travel and life in Australia as refugees and humanitarian visa holders prepare to settle in Australia. This type of visa is granted to individuals who come to Australia for a holiday or a short-term employment opportunity offered by an Australian employer.

The points system is used by Australian Government agencies to determine whether a person can or cannot enter Australia on one of the mentioned visas. You can earn an additional five points if your spouse or partner meets the basic requirements for general and qualified migration to Australia, as well as age and English proficiency in the nominated profession. Job offers can also give you extra points in your profile, so a good score is based on the Australian immigration system, and a higher score means a better chance of getting an Australian PR visa, which means that your chances of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Australia increase.

Once you have found a potential employer, they will be ready to nominate you for your required work visa. Choose the type of visa that best suits your purposes according to your needs. You will receive an e-mail stating whether or not the visa has been issued to you.

Under the Family Stream Migration Program, migrants can be assisted by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand national. It is easy to fill out the Australian e-visa and it contains basic questions about your financial status, your travel history, your identity and health data for your visit to Australia and your employment data.

The Top 5 Yoga Studios of Sydney

The Top 5 Yoga Studios of Sydney

These days people are so busy with the pressures of work, social, personal, family and relationship commitments, it’s important to take time for yourself in order to reconnect with your soul and be a grounded person. This is the reason that people are switching towards a healthier and purposeful life and finding yoga the best way to get started. Similar to the popularity of yoga in Hobart, in Sydney people are crazy about yoga too, and you will find many studios there to cater for the craze. Picking one favourite is a difficult task, however if you’re travelling to Sydney soon here are some of our top picks for yoga studios. They have unique qualities which I will share with you. No matter if you are a seasoned yogi, or can hardly do one single pose, you can still access the following studios to relax your mind and body. 


BodyMindLife has been in the world of yoga for fifteen years, it has earned a good reputation among the people during these years, and this is the reason that it is considered one of the best yoga studios. It not only has a large community of clients but also has 4 studios on the locations Bondi Beach, Surry Hills, Potts Point, and Redfern. This studio provides classes in Vinyasa yoga, anti-gravity, Yin yoga, which will help you to discover the best version of yourself, and live your life with mindfulness. The environment of this studio is very relaxing, which will put your mind at ease. 

Humming puppy 

Humming puppy is a luxurious and super chic place to give your body a treat. In this studio, a specific type of yoga is not prescribed; hence it is completely based on the technique of movement asana, breath-pranayama, and awareness meditation. These principles are the basics of their classes, which is welcoming to the beginners. The balanced temperature is maintained in the humming puppy studio. While practicing yoga, the room hums with noise. The humming puppy provides more than the regular practice of yoga. You will surely feel positive vibes in this studio. 


If you take yoga as a way of life rather than taking it as a type of exercise, then InYoga is the best place for you. It is a light-filled, warehouse-style studio, which is situated in Surry Hills, and it was created for the people to connect the intellectual people, share and enrich their knowledge. InYoga offers classes, workshops, training, and arranges events. The main purpose of all these activities is to encourage people to feel, know, live, and love life. In this studio, you get a friendly and refreshing environment.

Power Living 

The power living offers yoga at the northern beaches of Sydney, and it is one of the biggest yoga chains of Sydney as it has studios in Miranda, Manly, Bondi Beach, Neutral Bay, and Junction. Each studio of Power Living is airy, light, bright, and relaxing. They offer you a large variety of activities and workshops. If you are in search of a dynamic place for yoga practice, then Power Living is the best option for you. 


SKY-LAB is the first aerial studio of Sydney, offering you yoga sessions that will keep you flying high! The aerial yoga session might look difficult and daunting, but it is friendly, and its looming heights and extravagant poses shouldn’t put you off. The unique yoga session provides you with an exciting and relaxing change from the regular mat-based yoga session. The SKY-Lab also offers you corporate classes, private sessions, intensive courses, and regular beginner workshops. This studio will teach you how to fly gracefully. 


How to Discover Local Secrets when Travelling

How to Discover Local Secrets when Travelling

No one travels to a foreign land just to see what they have can always see in their own country, or to have the same food they eat for dinner every day. We travel to make new experiences, discover new treasures, and understand the celebrated heritage of a country’s beauty and richness. 

One way of discovering the best places of a travel destination is by hiring the services of a travel agent. But travel agents may only focus on the widely recognized and appreciated details of famous sights and tourist destinations. What about those local secrets that would make your trip unique and unforgettable? Here are four ways you can discover these secret destinations. 

Be social with the locals

No one knows a place better than the people who live there. Being social involves mingling with the locals and letting them reveal to you the secrets of the place. They will direct you to the best and least populated position of a public beach, direct you to the best food and drink joints, refer you to the best tour guides, and narrate to you the minute details of the history of a sight you are interested in. This also includes asking your accommodation providers for their advice. They will be able to point you in the direction of an exciting adventure, or a relaxing experience such as a good luxury day spa. 

Hit the road

Unless your travel destination is an island and you need a boat, travelling around a country or region by road comes with many advantages. You can stop to see a waterfall or might even catch a glimpse of a wild animal.  You may even stop by a remote village or discover local delicacy – these undiscovered details are usually the best highlights of any trip. 

Try new things

When we travel to a foreign land, most of us will hear family and friends caution us to have our eyes peeled and be wary about what we eat. There are also many websites that give tips on travelling safely abroad. But being overly cautious may deprive us of the best secrets of our destination. Think of that ice cream joint in a small square of the city. The locals may tell you that no tourist has visited the place if they have not sampled the ice cream. While you still need to be careful, it’s experiences like this you just might miss out on. 

Use discovery mobile apps

While the three suggestions are great for finding any number of unique or hidden sights, there are also numerous mobile apps that name and give directions to the undiscovered or locally beloved restaurants and shops. They also might reveal a hidden river with skin-renewing properties or a unique oyster farm tour in Tasmania. Other apps will also connect you with locals who have the keys to these hidden secrets. We suggest apps such as ‘Local Secrets’ or the ‘Hidden Place’. 

Bottom line

Make your travelling experience is unique by mixing things up between the popular and well-recognized heritage locations of your destination and the unforgettable best-kept secrets only the locals know.

Australia’s best skiing destinations.

Get your Snow shoes on! These are some of the best places to Ski


NSW is packed with some icy slopes and winter snow. Jindabyne, Alpine Way, Charlotte Pass, Mt Selwyn are some of the popular place to visit. The further south you go you get more snow. Victoria has many showy mountains that you can visit such as Mt Baw Baw, Mt Buller and further south Tasmania will serve you with some good ski areas of Ben Lomond and Mt Mawson. For people who know how to ski and are up for a challenge perisher, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham would prove to be a battleground for them



Perisher, it’s four places –Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Blue Cow and Guthega and caters for beginners through to advanced skiers. The place serves some simple slope for beginners to learn and get some confidence while at the same time they have got steep runs through gum trees which prove to be a better place for people who know what they are doing. There are 28 lodging options in Perisher, including hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, and chalets. Additionally, there are a lot of pubs and restaurants to warm you up after a long day on the slopes. Local suggestion: try the Wild Brumy Schnapps in the Top Spot Bar at Blue Cow restaurant.


June – early October

Courses: Perisher Provides a range of classes for adults and youngsters

Ski pass: There are a variety of ski pass options from day passes to year passes

Beginner terrain: 22 percent

Intermediate terrain: 60 percent

Advanced terrain: 18 percent


Falls Creek, Victoria

A four and a half hour drive will take you up to falls creek which is located in Alpine National Park in the scenic Bogong High Plains. Bogged down the steep, expert slopes at Mt McKay or brave the deep powder stashes of Rocky Knobs and Dam. Explore the back country in Nordic snow shoes on a snowmobile or along Australia’s first snow bicycle trails. Enjoy a Toast during the sunset at 1800 meter altitude or get a heli-ride across Mt McKay and Mt Feathertop to Mt Hotham. Both the village and ski terrain is nicely designed and the lifts efficient and fast. Free shuttle buses operate through the village. Accommodation ranges from budget dorm-style choices to cozy lodges to five-star luxury suites.


Courses: Falls Creek offers a range of classes for adults and youngsters in both ski and snowboarding

Ski pass: There are a variety of ski and lift pass options from day passes to year passes

Beginner terrain: 17 percent

Intermediate terrain: 60 percent

Advanced terrain: 23 percent


Mt Hotham

The more traditional route to scenic Mt Hotham is driving the Great Alpine Road or flying into Hotham airport in Sydney and Melbourne. Mt Hotham is called ‘The powder capital of Australia’ and once there, you will have the ability to check your abilities on the broad, gentle slopes of the Summit or Big D Playground and glide down the Milky Way. More advanced skiers can fly across the chutes and steeps around Mary’s Slide, the lumps on Blue Ribbon or visit Heavenly Valley for heady black runs. For snowboarders, Hotham provides gullies, bowls, strikes, berms, lips and open stashes so slick that many stunt skiers have cut in on the action. Beginners can stay at the Plain’s Fairly village and try the flatter slopes next morning.

June — finish September

Lessons: Mt Hotham Provides a range of classes for adults and youngsters in both skiing and snowboarding, and private classes

Ski pass: There are a variety of ski and lift pass options from day passes to year passes

Beginner terrain: 20 percent

Intermediate terrain: 40 percent

Advanced terrain: 40 percent


Cradle Mountain, Tasmania


If you want to find the snow in Australia but do not wish to ski, we recommend visiting Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. The Mountains snow-capped peaks has an incredible sight in the winters. Adrenaline junkies who just don’t want to sit around can lace up their snow shoes and take a hike on the overland track track with Tasmanian Expeditions or with Cradle Huts Winter Walks. While the area is famous year-round for its scenic walks, watching winter in this part of Australia is unforgettable. To wind down after the hard adventure, visit Cradle Mountain Lodge.


When to go: June – August

7 Ingredients Tasmanians Are Proud Of

7 Ingredients Tasmanians Are Proud Of

If you ask me, the thing that I love most about Tasmania is the caliber of its produce. You’d expect a location called “the Apple Isle” to create fruit in abundance, and Tasmania does this. However, small, boutique-style farmers today gives far more than just fruit. Fresh ingredients produced in Tasmania fulfils demand from other states and international restaurants as well as from the local food industry. The shift, to what’s presently a powerful wine and food culture with a focus on a huge array of simply-prepared, refreshing ingredients, has largely come about through migrants from southern Australia and from overseas.

1. Farmedsalmo

Few of the planet’s coastal waters have been pollution-free. Tasmania therefore includes a competitive advantage in aquaculture, together with a few of their most pristine environments on the planet and water temperatures ideal for growing high excellent salmon. Tasmanian-grown Atlantic Salmon is your first option for many chefs due to its texture and flavour. A superb supply of omega-3 fatty acids, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon can also be chock full of minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, a selection of B vitamins, antioxidants, vitamin D, vitamin D, and the minerals magnesium, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

2. Black truffles

The very first black truffle was discovered in northern Tasmania in June 1999. Ever since that time, huge number of international chefs have been waiting in line to serve these truffles outside the timeframe of European truffle harvesting season of December to February. French black truffles are a type of fungus that grows just under the soil surface on the base of walnut or bamboo trees. Back in France, pigs are utilized to hunt for the distinctive odor of this truffles. Australian manufacturers use spaniels and other hound breeds that they find somewhat simpler to train. Many fine dining establishments in Hobart use these locally sourced delicacies in their dishes.

3. Wild abalone

Tiny Tasmania is the world’s biggest provider of wild abalone. The Conservancy prosper on Tasmania’s wild and tempestuous shore, in among the planet’s last remaining unspoilt marine surroundings. Its succulent, meaty texture and delicate flavour imply Tasmanian Wild Abalone is recognized worldwide as the best in the marketplace.

4. Wasabi

Wasabi, the traditional Japanese condiment is another boutique ingredient that is produced in Tasmania. It’s marketed as either fresh stalks or dried powder. Demand comes from leading Australian food establishments and from creative Tasmanian business owners who create wasabi-flavoured mustards, pickles and cheeses.

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are scores of boutique producers of extra virgin olive oil at Tasmania. The cool weather contributes to lower returns for growers but contributes to a product which is more healthy and using a stronger flavour. Tasmanian virgin olive oil has minimal oxidation that is four times better than the standard set by the International Olive Oil Council.

6. Organic foods

With the current emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and security of their environment, customers are worried about the long-term impacts of the chemical compound employed at the growth and creation of several supermarket foods. It is thus not a surprise that organic farming and manufacturing is a growth market for green, clean Tasmania. The largest acreage used for farming organic produce per capita in Australia is owned by Tasmania. This means that the locals have access to the astounding selection of organic products. The flavour is great. Peace of mind is a bonus.

7. Beef

All beef produced for consumption in restaurants all over Hobart is absolutely free of hormone and antibiotic growth promotants, and also the vast majority of Tasmania’s beef cows are grass-fed and are increased on chemical-free pastures. Wagyu cows are raised from the State’s south-west corner, chiefly for beef export to Japan, but also to meet the growing local demand.

Tips for Travelling Overseas For Cosmetic Surgery

A growing number of Australians are deciding to undergo cosmetic procedures abroad. While for many patients their principal concern is that the price of the treatment, others might opt to undergo minor surgery while they are on vacation, or have other motives for selecting an overseas treatment choice. Whether you are opting for affordable breast augmentation with rapid recovery or simply want to relax in a tropical location whilst recovering there are many reasons to travel and get the surgery done.

Listed below are our four best tips for ensuring that you get a fantastic experience and increase the probability of seeing the outcomes you desire from undergoing surgery overseas.

1. Do Your Research

Research is obviously important once you’re likely to undergo an operation, even more so when you are thinking about travelling overseas for treatment. You ought to be on the lookout for a clinic with a demonstrable record of supplying the therapy you’re searching for, while also making sure that they are licensed against Australian medical criteria. By doing your research, you make sure you’re exposing yourself to the greatest standards of treatment and aftercare. Always contact the clinic and ask for medical accreditation’s before committing.

2. Travelling Light, and Wear Loose Clothing

Based on the kind of operation you’re experiencing, you might well be advised to take it simply for a while after leaving the practice and recovering. As you’ll typically be requested to make certain you’re not travelling independently, it’s still better for those who travel as much light as possible as the odds are you will want to maneuver around a tote for only a little bit of time. Purchasing a lightweight case that’s on wheels and is easy to move around ought to be regarded as a must. With regards to what you are going to package and take with you, there are two things to think about: Where you are going and the climate there and what type of operation you are undergoing. If you are getting thigh liposuction then it is common sense to pack soft clothing lose around the thigh area.

As you’ll receive advice from the surgeon in particular instances, generally the best thing to do would be to decide on loose-fitting clothes, which is going to keep you comfy both out of a climate plus a post-surgery standpoint.

3. Pack Your Trip Basics

What could you usually package into your trip essentials? You want to take more or less precisely the exact same assortment of things, and triple and double check to be certain you’ve got all you want. In addition, you must think about taking extra items to make certain you’re likely to be equally entertained and comfortable when you’re recovering, especially in the event that you’ll be staying overseas for a time period prior to returning to Australia.

Add the following to a checklist:

  • An iPad or Notebook so it is possible to watch films, browse, or use social websites.
  • Plug adaptors.
  • Travel Pillow.
  • A small number of novels.
  • Compression stockings for flying.
  • Dry shampoo and body wipes in the event you’re not able to shower or bathtub as a scar or stitches are healing from the days immediately after surgery.

4. Being Prepared

Whenever you have your appointment and confirm you would like to proceed with your therapy, make certain you listen carefully to what you are told about everything you have to do in terms of your recovery and in the days immediately after surgery. As you are likely to be abroad, this can be even more crucial than normal — if there is something you require it is not as straightforward as getting a relative or friend to fetch something.

Speak to your overseas physician and make certain you have a routine set up for your time overseas following your operation in addition to your trip home. It’s also wise to make prior arrangements for almost any aftercare you need when you are back in Australia.

Being well prepared will make certain you’re set up for a cosy recovery and lower the potential for complications.

Should you invest in a holiday house?

beach house home vacation

Holiday houses on the coast seem like a dream come true, so let’s look into the positives of owning one!

It is not uncommon for a couple or a family to go interstate or abroad on vacation and find themselves enticed by a location. Whether it be a house on the beach, a log cabin by a river, or a house near the snow, it’s easy to see the appeal of needing somewhere to escape, and can perhaps lessen the anxiety that can come with traveling.

Even though the combo of lease income and simple future vacations is appealing to many, it is important to thoroughly think about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a vacation home, to attempt to avoid creating a terrible impulse purchase. Buying a vacation home is excellent if, and only if, it fits with your fiscal situation and long-term targets. Listed below are a couple of the chief benefits and pitfalls of vacations homes you ought to think about prior to purchasing.


Many buyers will purchase their holiday home thinking only they will use it. You may go there to get a spontaneous weekend holiday or a few weeks around Christmas. The luxury is yours.

Choosing a location is incredibly important because if the location is in demand you can lease it out when you aren’t using it. Even if you don’t wind up making massive sums of gain from rent, it will assist in paying for items like an insurance policy and maintenance on your vacation home. Your property may also appreciate in value over time, increasing the net value of your investment. Property investment books are an excellent source of free information to help you gauge how the property market is currently working.

If your vacation home is also an investment, then it means that a number of the running costs (for example, interest on a mortgage and maintenance) could be tax deductible, but beware of the ATO’s limitations around this. You can read more on the ATO’s policy on holiday homes here.

Discussing long-term, a vacation home in a perfect location with access to all the requirements could result in a superb main house after you retire.

bed mountains holiday house home view


When considering purchasing a vacation home it is vital to decide exactly what the property is for, what it will reach and over what time frame.

Just like any real estate investment, location is paramount if you’re to reap any capital profits. You need to purchase in regions which have economic strength. Like most investments, your holiday house will increase in value over time. A financial planner or accountant may also suggest the ideal method of entering the home buy so that you get maximum advantage from the mortgage on your personal case. This might be an interest-only loan or a fixed term loan. Seeking advice from a property investment specialist can certainly clear any doubts you may have!

If you think you’ll use the home for holidaying four or three weeks of the calendar year, then lease it out for the remainder. Learn how long the vacation season is in your preferred location and try to determine what is considered peak and off-peak. You can then learn whether the projected rental income within this brief window pays a percentage of the mortgage to make it rewarding. Factors that can help to allure travelers can include the beach, fishing, hiking etc. Using hospitality apps like Airbnb is a great solution to finding travelers to lodge. You never know, this could pay for a new holiday elsewhere!

Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

If you are looking to build a travel blog and don’t know where to start, this is the right post for you to read. A few month ago, I blogged on how to grow your travel blog and after a while, but how do you exactly start a travel blog in the first place? Then I noticed that I had put the cart before the horse which made me want to share the simple steps for getting your blog up and running. Read through the various steps below and you will be on your way to building an audience and sharing all your unique travel stories!

Step 1: Pick a name

Picking domain name is essentially picking the name for your website. Usually, the domain name is also the title of the blog. This is the first thing you need to do. There are no hard and fast rules on what to pick when picking your domain name. There is nothing like a wrong domain. However, there are things you should be aware of in order to pick the best domain:

  • Make a name that can last. If you decide to pick “BrownEuropeAdventure.com” and then leave Europe, the domain won’t make sense anymore. Make sure the domain name you intend to pick does not focus on a particular aspect so that when you decide to change your focus or shift gears, you can still keep the same.
  • Try to avoid words that have been done to death and that is cliché like ‘nomad’ and ‘magical adventures’.

Step 2: Sign up for Hostgator

You will need to register it and buy hosting (the little computer that’s going to power your website) after you’ve picked out your domain name. Hostgator and Blue host are among the biggest companies that you can utilise. These programs are simple to utilise and have a play around in case your domain name is unfortunately already taken by another user. 
Step 3: Install WordPress

The next step you want to do is to install WordPress after you have registered your domain name and received your hosting package. The host is simply the computer your site sits on, what will actually run the website is WordPress.
Step 4: Install your plugins

When you have successfully installed WordPress onto Hostgator, you will need to launch this URL “domainname.com/wp-admin” and used the username and password you created to log in.
The nest thing to do is to install plugins as they offer additional functionality to a WordPress-powered site.

Step 5: Install your theme

The next step is for you to make your website look pretty as a good design website is part of the vital thing a blog needs besides good content. A well-design website will make your readers trust your blog and choose to stay whereas a visually unappealing website will definitely turn off readers and reduce the number of return readers.Step 6: Create your main pages

The next step is in addition to the blog posts is to make a few basic pages on your website in. You may have an about page and a contact page. Once your pages are set up, start posting blog posts about your travels. Come up with a content strategy and plan out what your posts will be about. You can post weekly or monthly depending on the time you have. You can go to a digital copywriting agency with your ideas and get them to help you write blog posts based on your thoughts.

Bravo! You have created your basic website.

You’ve set up your basic website. Sure, there are social media buttons to add, blogs to write, and images to upload but the basic framework of your blog can be created with these 6 steps!

Marketing Tips for your Travel Website: Part 2

Email advertising — work it baby

Your email database is one of the most valuable assets. The simple act of including a subscription form to your site is important because if a visitor leaves without registering then you might have lost a valuable guide.

Invite your offline database to subscribe to an email Newsletter and then set up a strategy to begin communicating with them effectively. A great newsletter will drive visitors to your website, promote social shares, and generate leads.

If your current email newsletter design is not responsive then you should construct a new one. Consider how often you intend to send posts and what type of web content you will include. Most providers will let you segment database so that each reader is getting content related to them.

Work your database at every opportunity. Recall that these are the clients who have chosen to hear from you, so make each email count.

Video & traveling go hand-in-hand

Reading about travel destinations is one thing but watching a video brings a destination to life. Nowadays it’s possible to create a descent quality video for a very low cost, if you know where to look.

Establish a YouTube channel for your company. Film snippets of your tours, staff vacations, customer reviews, how-to-pack guides, tours of the beach décor in holiday houses, destination reviews — whatever that aligns with your goals and your client personas.

Your videos should be optimised to keep people watching for as long as possible.

 Websites + Content Marketing — share your knowledge

If you are time poor engage your staff members to website. Your blog entries do not have to be long but they need to be valuable and relevant to your goal personas. You do not have to look far to find great examples of travel related writing.

Blogging should form a part of your wider digital content marketing strategy. Know your customer travel and how you may be able to use articles to aid visitors and convert more prospects. If one of your staff members stayed in a really nice Airbnb with beach theme decor, have them share that experience which visitors to your site.

Reviews & check-ins

The expression ‘reputation is earnings’ could not be more apt. Olery reports that 81 percent of travellers find travel reviews significant and 49% will not book without reading reviews.

You can increase earnings and increase revenue via travel reviews, but how?

Make it easy for your clients to leave reviews on websites like Trip Advisor and Expedia, your Google My Business page, social networks and your site. Most of all, do not forget to nurture reviews and react accordingly if necessary.

Reviews won’t only increase consumer confidence in your brand and goods, but such user generated content can help to boost your site ranking and boost conversion prices.

Mobile marketing — some choices

Old-school SMS may seem outdated but it does provide insight, at a minimal cost to your agency or tour company. 96 percent of SMS messages are read and a lot of them are read in the first 3 minutes from sending.

Be aware of more innovative mobile technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Near Field Communications. AR is a great invention that expands the traveller encounter.

NFC is all about close proximity communication. NFC is the same technology that your clients use when they cover with Paypass from their mobile devices. With a little imagination, you can apply NFC into your brochures, itineraries and much more!

Leverage your suppliers

Nothing new here, but how many of you are not using your providers for their full potential?

Lock in data nights and ask your providers to present or supply marketing material. Push them for exclusive value-ads for reservations made within a week of the event. Wheel and deal for giveaways to share with your newsletter readers on a monthly basis.

Live streaming — keep it real

Live streaming was once restricted to people with the means and the right technology. Due to the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live anyone with a smartphone can download the program and become a broadcaster. Live streaming is far more powerful than video as it opens up communication and empowers real-time screening and answers.

So how can you use it?

Tour suppliers could use Facebook Live while on tour to supply viewers with an chance to see the tour in action and ask questions. A cruise agency could schedule a broadcast from a boat inspection, and invite customers to join them as they tour the ship and answer their queries.

Marketing Tips for your Travel Website: Part 1

Online travel advertising is tough. Rates are low, competition is high and effort is crucial so you’d probably prefer to run off on that tour you are trying to sell.

Managing your site, new deals and articles, a booking engine, customer reviews, newsletters and social media with very little effect will burn a hole in your pocket and your spirit.

Step back, review your bases and get to know the tools and strategies to fire up your advertising game.

First, know your customer personas

You cannot put a marketing strategy in place if you don’t really understand your customers.

Yes, their demographic information is important, but beyond that you will need to ask yourself what drives them when searching, planning and booking. What motivates them to travel? What frustrates them? Where do they find their advice?

Establish your top 3 personas and build your website and advertising campaigns around them.

Then, have a good look at your site

Your site should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. There’s always room for improvement in conversion rates and user experience.

We see sleek and modern websites that might not rank well in search engines, but others have badly designed sites that aren’t user friendly.

There are a few basic things you can do to address this:

Think responsive – Don’t ignore mobile tablets or devices when building or redeveloping your site. Up to 50 percent of your visitors are most likely to navigate your site from their mobile device. How frustrated will they be if they must pinch and zoom their way around?

Simplify the design – The most successful online brands favour minimal webdesign which makes finding information easy. Does your site reflect your brand and is it user-friendly?

Update regularly – Search engines love new content, so keeping it updated and relevant can drive your organic search engine rank up. Having someone update the website design regularly is going to be a big support to your business.

Next, Understand micro-moments in traveling

Your marketing strategy should be capitalising on ‘micro-moments.’

They are those moments when you DO SOMETHING; the minutes when you turn to your iPhone or other device to navigate, find, research or purchase something. These are the moments that shape your thinking and the moments when decisions are made. These include:

  1. I Would like to get away: Dreaming moments
  2. I want this trip to be perfect: Planning minutes
  3. I Would like to reserve it: Booking moments
  4. I Would like to Get the most out of it: Experiencing moments

Recognising that these are crucial moments in the client journey can help you to advertise and be present when your customer most needs you to be.

Graphic Design

Yes, layout is the silent brand ambassador. You can put energy into staffing, strategy, campaigns and earnings but bad layout can make everything come undone.

If you haven’t already got a logo design for your brand (or it is looking dated), call in the professionals. A good designer will work with you to craft a style guide that will tie your branding together. Speak with the designer about your brand and help them get to know your perfect customer. Various colours and styles will work for different clients.

Once you nail down your new identity, use it anywhere and everywhere!

Social media — get it right

Social media can be a cost-effective channel for travel marketing. Choosing the proper platform is important but putting a plan in place is even more significant. Consider your goals and your target audience carefully. 

Like or Loathe Facebook, it works for many

Facebook remains among the finest social platforms for travel agencies and tour operators driving web clicks. Yes, there’s a good deal of clutter you will need to cut through but it can be achieved with custom viewers, boosted articles, testing, and some preparation.

Reporting facilities such as Facebook Insights will let you monitor, manage and change your strategy when keeping with your targets.

Online advertising — Google AdWords & Retargeting

Standard banner ads on high traffic sites can be costly and click-through-rates ridiculously low. But done correctly, Google AdWords and retargeting will supply you with a positive ROI. This is because it is possible to target people who have actively showed interest and intent to buy your goods.

AdWords is aggressive so if you are not comfortable managing it please seek expert help — such as employing a web agency.

Seeing Beijing’s Olympic Pool

In preparation for the Olympic Games, a gigantic blue ‘plastic clad’ block, which looks like a giant block of sterile bubbles was under construction in Beijing.

The ‘Water Cube’ that was housed in the Beijing National Swimming Centre at an estimated price of $100 million, has the height of a 10-storey construction and was the biggest Olympic swimming facility ever constructed.

With a gross floor area of 80,000m2, it seated 17,000 individuals and housed two Olympic pools, a diving pool, leisure water creations such as water slides and a wave pool, together with their associated amenities.

This ambitious project was created by a group of Australian architects and engineers together with two Chinese associate businesses, and the outcome is a completely integrated concept from both an architectural and engineering standpoint.

Engineers from Arup and architects out of PTW Architects in Sydney, in conjunction with the China State Construction and Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) and the China Construction Design Institute (CCDI), develop a theory based on the natural form of water bubbles.

The engineers needed the significant purpose of clearly conveying to the architects exactly what the building needed to achieve when it comes to renewable energy, hydraulic, technical and environmental functionality, thus not seeing any structural timber beams but steel ones intead.

Quick prototyping has been used to physically mimic the intricate arrangement from CAD drawings and assorted CAD-driven situations were introduced to check the potency of the steel construction. A few 25,000 beam size factors and 57 million layout limitations were analysed for advantage.

PTW’s associate manager, Mark Butler, who had been the architect’s design leader for the job, says it was crucial that the architects and architects had an extremely close working relationship in creating the winning entry and subsequently bringing the project to fruition.

A whole team effort was demanded. In the first phases of design, architects out of the China partners worked with the Australian team in Sydney. In the idea/concept stage, they were searching for revolutionary ideas that could allow them to acquire worldwide recognition needed for the competition. The design required to be ‘Chinese’ in a contemporary manner and also to harmonise with the main stadium nearby.

The layout needed to be about water and also possess a green motif. Cross-fertilisation of thoughts was fundamental to this team’s capacity to break new architectural and engineering ideas. The goals of the project and the technology fundamentals were clearly presented at the beginning and then the pressure was on to achieve the agreed objectives.  Throughout the design process, it was especially important to work closely with all the engineers on the crucial innovative areas of the construction including the construction and façade, whether to include architectural timbers or not, and several challenging issues needed to be addressed like the production of their bubbles and fire technology and safety.

To ensure effective coordination, many 3D data models in multiple application formats had been exchanged between the layout partners during the whole design procedure. After the group had successfully finished the first strategy and won the contest, the job then improved to finish the plan documentation and development.

Over 80 Arup engineers and experts spread across 12 areas and four states were included in a variety of elements of the plan. The massive Water Cube is 177m in width, 177m (580ft) in length and 31m (101ft) in height, where the construction is produced of a community of steel tubular members clad with translucent ETFE (Ethyl Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) cushions.

A spread of fluoro polymer, ETFE is a powerful recyclable lightweight substance that allows in more light than glass but is more resistant to the weathering effects of the sun.

It took Beijing’s largest cranes to construct the exterior and interior of the project. The outer layer of the swimming center, which covers both the interior and outside of the construction, has 100,000m2 (1,076,000ft2) of ETFE bubble cladding which contains approximately 4,000 bubbles of different size.

The complex service construction of the Water Cube is made up of 22,000 steel tubes welded into 12,000 steel nodes that vary in size based on the loads put upon them. If placed end-to-end the steel beams would extend for 90 kilometres (56 miles).

A vital design factor has been the requirement to minimise the burden of the steel construction since the long roof spans self-weight is crucial as the roofing spends a whole lot of its durability simply holding up itself. Although lightweight, the Water Cube construction is extremely robust and adheres to the brand new Chinese steel/seismic design Codes.

To keep the aesthetic allure of the Water Cube layout, the roof installation needed to ensure that roof infiltrations are kept to a minimum during the extensive usage of air-admittance valves in the sanitary plumbing.

Since the Water Cube didn’t adhere to China’s prescriptive building Code it had been necessary to show that the design provided for a decent degree of security.

A Smart Construction

The alternative was to use performance-based fire technology to come up with a group of provisions specifically tailored to the construction, including irrigation and smoke exhaust systems.

This allowed the architects to design away from the Chinese Code while being encouraged by research and global guidelines. The group was also able to show that the ETFE facade substance would shrink away from a flame and would let the smoke out by self-venting.

A vital requirement for the construction is ecological sustainability, such as a quite significant energy-efficiency rating along with the capability to recycle at least 80 percent of its own water. The Water Cube is intended to work as a greenhouse to help treat Beijing’s intense climate that may swing out of -13°C (8.6°F) in winter to 36°C (96.8°F) in summer.

The transparent ETFE cladding assisted by slab scissors upon application, conserve energy prices by allowing a great deal of natural lighting into the Cube, with 90 percent of the solar power to be trapped and used to heat the pools and also the interior. Cladding heat loads are minimised in the summertime but maximized in winter by putting the warmth from the wall cavity in the summertime and comprising it in winter.

Swimming pools may cause condensation and rust problems, so successful air supply is vital. This may be addressed by finding nozzles around the outside of the construction to provide air up the walls. Within this smart construction, the ac process is targeted to stop clogs to regions that aren’t utilized by men and women. By way of instance, the place where audiences sit will be pumped individually by an under-seating distribution system which will only be triggered during occasions.

Heat rejection in the air conditioning may also be used to warm the pools. Other purification systems comprise heat recovery from chillers and out of ice making machines that are used for distance and pool water heating system.

Smart hydraulics

Commercial plumbing sees essential hydraulic design and pipes characteristics of the Water Cube comprise siphonic drainage for storm water, water-efficient fittings, and set of storm water to domestic hot water source, and greywater recycling.

Ken Ma, a senior partner in Arup at Sydney, maintains water in northern China is a precious commodity and Beijing now lacks a trusted water source to meet present and projected need requirements.

Swimming centers consume a great deal of water to sanitary purposes and concerning the pool filtration system backwash. Thus, central to the design philosophy which underpins the Water Cube is the core goal of water conservation.

More importantly, this implies the layout of water-efficient systems will minimise water consumption and increase recycling and reuse opportunities. The purpose is to lower the dependence on the state’s water distribution system and spread into the state sewage system, which in turn will lower the strain on nearby receiving waters.

Travel Devices for a Businessman

There are no longer challenging situations for cellular technology, unless you are on a business holiday. Whatever the event, you will need to keep connected and productive while on the plane, the hotel, the convention center, and anyplace in-between. Here are some favorite travel gadgets to help make your business trip more productive.

Whether we are posting news on holidays, try uploading 1080p hands-free videos in the midst of a convention or chatting with our toddlers through Skype, there is nothing more important than staying connected through a cloud management system. A 3G or 4G hotspot is the perfect way to get your notebook and other devices connected, such as those brought by other people in your travel party.

For trips within the U.S., we love the Liberate ($99.99 w/ contract) because of its blazing fast 4G, all-day battery life and easy-to-use touch screen interface. It can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices. When traveling overseas to technology shows in Europe or Asia, we always rent a hotspot or USB modem from XCom Global, which offers unlimited 3G downloads around the world for only $14.95 per day.

There is nothing better than having a second monitor at your desk for multitasking, so why not get the identical productivity on the road? I always package the 14-inch Lenovo LT1421 in my bag and use it as another display. As an example, I will edit a photograph on a single desktop while I write a news post on the other. Since the 1366 x 768 resolution screen weighs only 1.6 lbs and gets data and power over a single USB connection, I will carry it in my bag and use it from the media centre, my hotel room, or anywhere I have access to a desk.

After this spring, Lenovo is coming out with a new-and-improved model named the ThinkVision LT1423. For $349, the 13.3-inch LT1423 weighs exactly the same as its older brother but provides a sharp 1600 x 900 display and touch / pen support. A wireless version will follow in the summer for $449.

You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much juice. While most external batteries bill USB devices only, the Energizer XP18000 supplies your notebook, phone, tablet or even your camera with a whopping 18,000 extra milliamp hours of additional energy. When walking around a trade show, I slide the XP18000 in my notebook bag’s inner pocket and connect its cable to my laptop so that it could charge as I walk from one place to another. Better still, the battery doubles as an AC adapter, so you can control both it and your laptop over a single link.

The life of a business traveler is filled with multitasking, so why buy the ideal phone for performing two jobs at the same time. Samsung’s Galaxy Notice II ($299 with two-year contract) not only lets you take accurate notes with its stylus, but also lets you to use two applications simultaneously on its huge 5.5-inch screen. By you can even write an email when watching a movie, or you might look at a restaurant review on one side of the screen when looking up instructions in Maps on the opposite side, making it the best mobile job management system to have whilst on holidays. Other highlights include a quad core chip, a quick 8-MP camera along with Samsung’s plethora of special sharing features. On top of that, this super phone lasts over 9 hours on a charge, the longest of any handset we have tested.

Occasionally on a trip, you just need to leave your luggage in your hotel room while you go out to dinner, without leaving all of our gear behind. The Scottevest Fleece 7.0 ($160) has 23 unique pockets, including one that is deep enough to get a tablet computer and another that holds your eye glasses. The sleeves come off to make it easier to wear in warm weather. A new quick draw pocket allows you get your smartphone through the clear touch fabric, and there is even a journey documents pocket with a locking zipper pull.

Sure you could take photographs with your smartphone, but if you require quality photos for a business presentation or, in our case, a news post, you want a DSLR camera. Sony’s mirrorless Alpha NEX-5R not only shoots high quality 16.1-MP shots and 1080p video, but also allows you to instantly share those images via Wi-Fi after editing them with one of those camera embedded programs. Attach a zoom lens to capture close-up photos of the corporate keynote or throw on the macro lens for detailed product photography.

The Best 4WD tracks in Australia

If you are keen on leaving the bitumen to dirt, then these would be the most effective off-road riding tracks in Australia for you. Australia is something of a road-tripper’s fantasy. All you need to do is collect some friends, find a vehicle, make sure you have a dual battery and off you go. Along with the broad, open paved roads, Australia has some of the best off-road riding on the planet.

There are dozens and dozens of outback 4WD paths which lead you through distant deserts, rocky mountain ranges, and swaths of grassland, although not without an obstruction or two. Here’s a list of iconic Aussie off-road experiences which can leave your tyres caked in sand and possibly even some bragging rights to slip into your back pocket.

Canning Stock Route

Location: Wiluna to Halls Creek (WA)

It is famous as one of the planet’s most distant off-road paths, the Canning Stock Route features reward and challenge. After an old stock route, the trail follows a collection of wells once utilized to water livestock, and which now provides trekkers with a water resource. Do not expect to experience emergency or town service centers along the isolated route which crosses through many slopes (the Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert, and Great Sandy Desert) and Aboriginal traditional lands.

While solitude might become your priority, because services aren’t accessible, it is not a good idea to travel the Canning Stock Route alone. Travelling with a convoy of 2-4 vehicles is greatest, as the campsites and points of interest along this course are rather modest and are therefore easy to be overcrowded. Additionally, it is crucial to keep your eye on the weather a few weeks before you begin your trip as the northern reaches of this road can become impassable during the Wet, especially in the region surrounding the salt lakes.

Cape York Track / Old Telegraph Track

Location: Cooktown into Seisia (QLD)

The Cape York Track, also called the Old Telegraph Track, guides you through Australia’s tropical northern reaches. It used to be the area’s only line of communication, but now this trail includes numerous river crossings, like the Jardine River and Gunshot Creek, a few of which involve near-vertical exits. It is therefore critical to have all-terrain tyres and ironman suspension and be sure to assess for sturdy healing points before undertaking those crossings. You will find a number of swimming holes to enjoy, such as those at Fruit Bat Falls, Eliot Falls and Twin Falls. Several scenic stop-off points along the road include Old Laura Station, Lakefield National Park, Weipa, Thursday Island and Chili Beach. Even though the river crossings can make advancements on the Cape York Track somewhat slow occasionally, adopt the chance to get intimately familiar with Australia’s ‘Tip’.

Gibb River Road

Location: Kununurra into Derby (WA)

The Gibb River Road traces throughout the Kimberley area, rewarding you with secluded swimming holes, refreshing water gorges, quintessential outback landscapes and sprawling cattle stations. Make sure to permit time to appreciate points of interest like the drops at Mitchell Plateau and the coastal Aboriginal payoff of Kalumburu. Although this route is surely distant, its prevalence will make it a bit busy during the summit. To avoid an excess influx of travellers, you can travel from April to October, but make certain to call ahead to assess road conditions since they are sometimes closed during the rainy season that runs from December through March.

Binns Track

Location: Mt Dare (NT/SA border) to Timber Creek (NT)

This track is known for its diverse terrain because it courses through mountains, deserts and vast plains – make sure you have the hardiest tyres as they will need to withstand sandy slopes, soft riverbeds, jagged stone, bogs, bitumen and bulldust. The track was named after Bill Binns, a NT park ranger who served for 32 years. This trail takes you through the Simpson Desert into Alice Springs, on into the East MacDonnell Ranges and the fossicking haven of Gemtree. Soak up the historical offerings of Tennant Creek before heading into the cattle stations of Barra Country. Maintain weather conditions in mind before you travel and make sure you have a gps navigation for the car, as access through Gregory National Park is frequently limited from December through May.

Victorian High Country and Billy Goats Bluff

Location: Mansfield into Harrietville (VIC)

The Victorian High Country is a unique departure from outback driving. While hard, the area’s towering peaks feature panoramic views as you wind across mountainous ridgelines. You will see a variety of deserted mining towns to explore along the way which you are able to enjoy with an added car seat heater, an aspect of off-roading which offers a new outlook about the conveniences of a modern journey.

It gives you an appreciation for how easy life is today. When you proceed through the Victorian High Country and pass old gold towns that were bustling from the 1920s, however are abandoned now, it’s amazing simply to consider how they got their mining gear up there in the first place, as James Eling has said, an off-road enthusiast with all the 4X4 Earth Australia association. Be mindful that many sections of this area’s 4WD tracks are really steep. Billy Goats Bluff, is known as a particularly hairy track which directs vehicles 250 metres above sea level to 1480m over only 6km, over changing surface states.

Top Travel Tech Accessories

Holidays are fun (hopefully), but getting to the destination and losing out on a few of the creature comforts of home is kind of a drag. Then you need to attempt and keep yourself amused, expect your bag will not get lost, and ensure that you don’t fry your favourite gadget when traveling abroad. The accessories on this list can give you a hand on all those fronts. They will also help you drown out traveling noise, keep your apparatus nice and billed, and assist your phone endure a dip in the water.

A power converter
Don’t fry your electronic equipment when you go abroad. It’s a tiny investment and will help substantially, buy a power converter. Besides its three outlets, this power converter has 4 USB ports, so you don’t need to take up any outlets if you will need to control your phone, tablet or computer. If you are picking one of those up you’ll be all set for travel to Europe, the US, UK, or Australia.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker
If you are going on a beach holiday, then it is a fantastic idea to bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker together. You can listen to your favourite songs without worrying about it getting ruined if a big wave comes or it gets left in the rain.

A selfie stick
Selfie sticks have become a constant companion for many world wide travellers. Once paired, you can snap a photo or zoom in or out through the buttons on the rod’s base. Reviewers on Amazon are usually happy with the device’s overall design and build quality, although one lamented the fact that it wasn’t powerful enough to maintain their DSLR despite Fugetek’s claims.

A battery situation
If you are traveling and do not feel like carrying around an external battery, then it may be a great idea to get a battery case for your cell phone. Like I have said before, nothing is worse when traveling than getting your telephone die on you.

A waterproof phone case
If you are going to be around a great deal of beaches and pools on the next trip, it is critical to be certain that you’ve got a case in your telephone that could stand getting wet. We are going to continue to advocate the Lifeproof Fre as the finest waterproof phone case alternative. It’s a small profile and works as advertised: If your telephone requires a dip while in this situation, you won’t need to run for the rice. If you like the notion of having more watertight tech, do not worry, we have got you covered.

Noise-cancelling cans
Engine noise, kids screaming, and chatty row mates are all a part of the contemporary traveling experience. Tuning out them can be the difference between arriving at your destination well rested or very aggravated, which is where noise-cancelling cans become involved.

A bag tracker
If you have ever lost a bag when traveling, you know how tedious and stressful it’s hoping to get it back. Plus there is the thought that it may never be found and your stuff will probably only wind up in a between-airport limbo. Trakdot would like to eliminate that frustration with its palm-sized luggage tracker.

The tracker has a GSM chip inside of it so that you can be kept current on its latest destination (hopefully you are at the exact same one.) This GPS like system can be purchased from any IT service company around your area. When this device is within 30 feet of you, the Trakdot will send your iOS or Android telephone an alert. Reviews of this product seem favourable, but there is one catch: there is an annual, biannual, or lifetime subscription fee. This makes sense since the GSM chip at the Trakdot is doing the same job as it would in a mobile phone, but it is still something to take into account. However, this information and data being stored is safe as it uses private cloud computing services.

A high-capacity external battery
External battery chargers have become popular, but since they get larger in size as well as how much power they supply, many people just have a small one. Do yourself a favour and invest in a slightly bigger, but make sure it has a much higher capacity battery. There is nothing worse than thinking you have sufficient power to get you through a journey, but getting stuck with a horrible layover or missed connection. In addition, this one has two USB ports, so that you may help out a buddy if you are traveling together.

Where to Stay on Your Next Holiday

Summer is finally beginning so it is time to get away. Lucky for us we live in a sun soaked, ocean filled country, that we have got so many magnificent beach houses and holiday getaways to choose from. Here is our list of the best, and make sure you get in fast.

Quarterdeck Clifftop, Blairgowrie, VIC
This enormous beach house located in the highpoint of Blairgowrie has views from every room, overlooking the Marina on one side and Port Phillip Bay on the other. There are decks on both levels to watch the boats float along in the open waters of the Bass Strait for their calm port in the bay.

The Ocean Retreat, Falmouth, TAS
Ocean views are one thing, but feeling as though you are hovering above the dramatic waters of the Bass Strait? That is something different. The Ocean Retreat is a glass walled beach house that makes you feel as though you are outside all of the time. The only problem is it is tough to know where to start. Perhaps preparing local delicacies in the chef’s kitchen, lazing on the plush coastal furnishings sunbaking, wading in the heated plunge pool, or even grabbing sunlight on the deck’s chaise lounges? It’s a difficult life.

Wye River, VIC
For an ultra romantic escape from the sea, The Deck House in Wye River is a fantasy. Suspended above a secluded cove of shore, the 180-degree sea views from this house will knock your socks off. The interior style of this magnificent house is to die for, with views of the surrounding beach areas.

Newell Beach, QLD
Located in Boonooloo, this beach house is perfect for any holiday maker. ‘Boonooloo’ means surrounded by water, and the title doesn’t lie; directly on the sea’s edge looking across to Port Douglas, you can jump from the infinity pool and on the sand, run to the waves of the Coral Sea, and then dry off at the palm-shaded hammock on the foreshore. The rooms in this airy wood-clad harbor open up to allow the outside in, and tall glass panels frame the gold beachfront.

Queenscliff, VIC
This house is built on high sand dunes and screened off by tea-trees, by which a private path results in a shimmering stretch of Queenscliff beach. The Dune House’s architect owner specialises in open, contemporary coastal interior design, reflected in the indoor-outdoor feel of the magnificent hideaway where retractable glass doors permit the sea breeze and native gardens in. Outside there is a sumptuous day bed large enough to get a few; enjoy good food and company round the dining table on the deck, and if you have had your fill, lay back on the couch in sunlight.

Tammar Ridge, SA
You are at Tammar Ridge on Kangaroo Island, and this scene is real. A hilltop beach house surrounded by 35-acres, floor-to-ceiling shopfront windows catch the coastal and rural scenery on each side, if lounging, resting your mind or bathing, the stunning views will not escape you. While in a setting that feels totally secluded, you are close enough to partake in all of the gourmet offerings of the island. Though we would suggest picking up supplies in your way because when you arrive, you will want to remain.

Barefoot in Broken Head, Broken Head, NSW
Nestled in rainforest south of the Byron Bay Lighthouse is located Barefoot in Broken Heads. Here, five bedrooms are housed in different Balinese-style buildings connected by walkways and decks, so you can escape to relax whenever you desire. If you can snag it, you will love the egg-shaped bath on the honeymoon suite’s private patio. There is a pathway leading from the home to incredible surf, and you are nearby two of the most deserted and beautiful beaches in the region Bray and Kings, equally hidden down jungle paths. When you are ready to wash off, plunge to the infinity edge plate that flows effortlessly into a 20-metre lap pool.

Gnarabup, WA
With Western Australia’s incredible swells crashing just beyond your doorstep and the Margaret River a 10-minute trip away, this sublimely cool beach house has all of the makings of an exceptional summer retreat. Every room in this spacious home comprises designer furnishings, select artworks, and stunning interior design style. Prop your head across the lap pool’s edge and watch the waves roll in, allowing the Seahorse Beach House work its relaxing magic.

Beachview Bellerive, Hobart, TAS
This trendy Californian style bungalow is only 200 metres from Bellerive Beach. And in enchanting Hobart, you can anticipate the shore won’t be the sole scenery to Look forward to, all of the roads here are lined with outside beautiful heritage buildings. Blossom into super glossy interiors where polished timbers work as a canvas for Designer artworks and furnishings. This trendy beach house, is only a short stroll from Bellerive Village, and a water-taxi can transport one to Salamanca Markets and towns.

Tips for Traveling Solo for Business

We asked expert business travellers like world renowned speakers and entrepreneurs what to do, what to bring and how to make certain that everything goes smoothly on a business trip. Here are their top tips.

1. Tap into networks to minimise solitude

We’re surrounded by hundreds of intriguing people and possible business opportunities in airports and resorts yet business travel remains predominantly a lonely and dull activity, says regular business traveller Cenk Gurz.

His solution to fight the “awkwardness of reaching out” was to install Btrfly, an app which allows business travellers to incorporate their travel programs and job details to share with other people in an identical situation. Users moving to the same conference or event can join via the program and discuss cabs to and from the airport, in addition to making new acquaintances.

2. Go remote

Daniel Rowles often travels for work as CEO of Target Web, a digital marketing training firm based in Brighton. He began using Chrome Remote Desktop to keep tabs on his work in the home. This will permit you to log in and use strong office computers from a travel-friendly tablet or low-powered notebook, which can enable you to travel light and maintain expensive equipment secure, he says.

3. Schedule in downtime

“When I’m travelling by myself, I schedule low-key activities such as going to a spa and taking a walk in the morning to clear my mind. If I’m with colleagues I always schedule a team-building activity so it doesn’t feel like work,” says electronic marketer and regular traveller Aniesia Williams.

Carolyn Pearson, founder of women’s business travel network Maiden Voyages, agrees. If I can tag on a weekend at the start of a business trip, I will make certain I get to my meetings rested and ready to work, in addition to the jet lag, she says. I always make sure I reserve spa treatments ahead of time.

4. Use your flight time

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour, utilises the hours of uninterrupted flight time on business trips to clear his thoughts and concentrate on the big picture and mastering mindset. All of us have a to-do listing of things we are putting off till we know we will not be interrupted, and budget clocks are always on top of mine, he says.

As well as applying the time for practical items like this, I also set the time aside to write and strategise. It gives me the space and clarity to consider the bigger picture and not just the daily running of the organization.

5. Use technology to stay in touch with colleagues

Ted Nash, from tech group AppBox, utilises Slack, Jeri and Google Hangouts to communicate with colleagues while they’re on the street. Wherever a team member is on the planet, we are still able to communicate as a group immediately via Slack, he says. What we like about this tool is it gives us the capability to socialise all in a single place — this assists our ethos of being completely transparent as a staff, and business.

Mr Thrasyvoulou, meanwhile, favours WhatsApp for business travel, I really find it the most user-friendly and useful method of keeping in contact when on the move, he says.

6. Less is more when packaging

Expert business travellers do not check luggage. Save time with a carry-on and prevent the risk of losing your luggage, says Michael McCormick in the Global Business Travel Association. David Chapple, from the Business Travel Show, recommends using a program like Dufl or AirPortr, meaning that you don’t need to travel with your luggage in any way. No luggage is perfect for business coaches who offer small business coach training as it often leaves them travelling around the country from city to city.

7. Eat well to remain healthy

Instead of using business travel for an opportunity to over indulge in all-you-can-eat breakfasts, make certain you care for yourself so you’re in good shape when you return. Skip the junk food in the airport. Forget about Burger King, visit the healthy salad bar next door and get yourself great mix of vegetables and protein together with the dressing on the side.

If you feel like you will need to have something sweet then buy a few squares of chocolate from one of the numerous restaurants, but avoid that giant brownie, advises Jacob Morgan, author of the Worker Experience Benefit and frequent business traveller.

8. Choose a home away from home

When travelling for business, it is important to choose accommodation that fosters a sense of community and is not all about work. Giovanni Valentini, General Manager of Staybridge Suites — London Vauxhall states, three times a week we hold an evening reception called ‘The Evening Social’, providing complimentary food and beverages for our guests.

We find this is a superb way for those staying with us to network and build strong personal and professional relationships.

There are Five Staybridge Suites situated in business hubs across the UK, offering rooms with fully equipped kitchens so that guests can cook for themselves. Each includes an on-site convenience store known as ‘The Pantry’ along with a 24-hour fitness center and business center so guests can rest and work regardless of the time zone. Any business coach would suggest good work-life balance to improve worker productivity, the same goes for on-the-go business travelers.

NBA Playgrounds Game Review

The new NBA Playgrounds game is an old school type arcade basketball game that is out to play now on Nintendo Switch. It provides two versus two basketball games with any combination of your favourite players.


You unlock new players by opening card packs, earned by levelling up. Your players also level up when used in games, increasing their capabilities. And there is little else to it. You are going to have to really love the mechanisms on offer here in order to get anything from NBA Playgrounds.


Who’s got a match?


This is not a realistic basketball game. Aside from the basketball apparel, players have enormous bobbleheads, jump absurd heights, and gain a power-up after scoring a couple of times or performing tricks.

The controls are rather intensive though. I don’t know an awful lot about basketball, and because of this it took me a while to get used to the controls. They are not very intuitive. However this has been a common theme amongst other reviews, the game developers could have benefited from hiring a software tester to see how this game plays out for someone outside of the developing team.


If you are like me and do not really understand what’s happening, your first few games will probably be a fumbling mess as you pass the ball around and desperately attempt to catch some points.

That is easier said than done however. To score, you need to press and hold Y, Releasing at precisely the right moment to find the ideal combination of power and accuracy.


It is a fine system, but one who can do with some visual feedback. More often than not I was left wondering just why my shot went or missed in. A pub with a green piece in the center to aim for would help beginners immeasurably.


What’s happening?


And that is a problem that infects the whole experience – you are never quite sure what’s happening. Why did that swipe miss the ball that time? What do the power-ups do? How do you activate them?

It’s true that you may extensively read the controls until they’re second nature, but that’s no fun in any way. It’s also possible that you may get it quicker if you’re already a fan of basketball, but what about the rest of us?

There is also very little to the experience generally. You can play exhibition matches against the AI or a friend, or participate in tournaments. Both play types are precisely the same, except one unlocks new courts to play exhibition mode in.


You cannot even play online, which might be a really major drawback, online play would be the digital transformation an arcade game needs to transform it into a modern hit. I get the feeling the actual highlight of the experience is the multi player option, with you and a buddy working in unison to do some feats of skill.


The controls are there to allow this, but unless you’ve got a buddy or two near you, that entire part of the game is inaccessible until multiplayer gets patched in.


He shoots he scores?


NBA Playgrounds just feels like a half-baked experience that is lacking in content and essential features. It’s also no fun to play if you don’t know what you are doing, which necessitates extensive staring in the control scheme until it is burned onto your mind.

If you’re a massive fan of basketball, or even have friends close by to play multiplayer with, you could just get a kick out of it. Nevertheless, the general lack of content will drive you away from it sooner or later.


Just wait till NBA 2k18 comes to Switch if you are hankering for some basketball. We really can’t suggest this in the current state it is in. In the mean time maybe the real deal is the way to go, grab your mates, put on your basketball hoodies and go shoot some hoops while we wait for a better game to come along.

Ways to Help Your Kids Study While Travelling

Hitting the open road, water, or sky this summer for a little bit of family travel time? When you are on the move, your student’s summer study can accidentally get pushed to the back burner. What should you do if school work needs to be done while the family is travelling? When it’s required summer reading, homework from summer courses, or studying of last semester’s materials to keep it fresh in their minds, here are five ways you as a parent can help your student study when travelling:


1. Get ready for on-the-go reviews

Organizing In advance is crucial. You don’t need to carry additional bulk when travelling and you really don’t want to neglect a significant part of the study. Speak with your student (or, depending on age, your student’s teacher and English tutor) about what has to be completed and determine the best method to lessen the physical weight of this. Rather than a textbook for reading, have your student make flashcards. Bring one little binder filled with work instead of notebooks for each class. If you have and are bringing an eReader or notebook, see if any of the work can be carried out electronically, a notebook is ideal because if the student gets stuck, they can easily access online tutoring services when there is Wi-Fi. When possible, stay away from heavy textbooks and hard copies (particularly if it’s the only copy) of assignments. You’re bringing the tools so that your student can remain focused on the work — not so you can waste time worrying about dropping or losing school property.


2. Determine studying goals

Set Clearly-defined targets before leaving home. Does your student have to read a specific number of pages? Should they review flashcards two times per day? Understanding how much work is involved — and so much has to be completed daily — sets stopping points, which might make the work seem more manageable to your student. Make sure it’s a reasonable amount of work, if you are only spending one day in the Yarra Valley, do you really want your child to be studying on that day when they don’t have much time to enjoy where they are.


3. Designate space and time


As the Parent, it’s critical you schedule time for required studying when you plan your journey. If work needs to be completed while you’re gone, you will need to keep this in mind before you fill every spare moment with vacation fun. Including a 20-minute study session between your daytime activities and dinner plans might be a logical fit. And do not forget to clear an area for said studying to happen. Whether it’s the kitchen table in Grandma’s house or the desk in a hotel room, find a place and leave your student to their work.


4. Take Benefit of downtime


Flight delayed? Waiting for different members of the family to get ready? Taking a break so that your toddler can nap? Have your student use unexpected pieces of downtime as analysing time. Studying during breaks in holiday adventures avoids having to miss any fun afterwards!

5. Reward dedication

Just like you surely don’t wish to bring your work on holiday; your child likely is not eager to bring homework on the holiday either. Consider rewarding their dedication to studying with simple travel-related rewards. You don’t need to get a prize simply for performing required school work, but you can ask your child to choose one of the restaurants in yarra valley for supper or choose which museum you’ll visit. Demonstrate to your child how impressed you are with his or her commitment to school!

Designer Shoes To Travel With On Holidays

It’s a dilemma all tourists, male and female, are familiar with: which ankle boots should you take on holidays? As one of the bulkiest products in your travel luggage, some tough decisions remain in order. Can you bare to prioritise useful shoes over knee high boots? Is 3 sets of sneakers a lot? And are your preferred leather boots really worth the blisters after a day sightseeing?

To make sure you’re putting your finest foot forward on your next vacation we have actually sourced Australia’s most fashionable shoe designers and asked to share their favourite footwear with us– as well as which travel destinations they were made to be worn in.

Habbot Studios

Who they are: A high-end series of leather shoes made in Italy and designed in Melbourne by Annie Abbott. The streamlined brand name includes quirky twists of unusual products and colour in classic shoe patterns.

What influences them: According to Abbott, the materials are always the starting point for each new line. Traveling to a leather and fabric producer in Milan twice a year, the designer searches tanneries and fabric houses for noteworthy products that form the basis for each brand-new collection.


Who they are: Volley is an Aussie brand name that has its roots in tennis, along with skating. High-grade suedes and leathers form the basis of this uber-urban business’s most current shoes collection.

What inspires them: Clean lines, using Volley’s tennis heritage, individualism and Australia’s simple, relaxed lifestyle.

Which shoe to pack: The high-leap Hairy Suede boots and shoes must absolutely make the packing list for a trip to Rome. The basic, fuzzy hi-tops were produced for stomping around the ancient cobblestone streets; they’re the type of shoe you can venture off the beaten path and get lost in.

Squire Shoes

Who they are: Understood for putting coloured footwear on the men’s shoe map in Australia, the Squire Brothers are the brains behind a brand that is everything about instilling convenience in a visually pleasing bundle.

Nina Armando

Who they are: Nina Armando shoes are acknowledged for their strong fashion appeal, as well as for being completely contoured, colourful and easy to wear in their flat boots. The eponymous designer started the brand in 2005.

What’s the next phase for garden centre catering?

It’s no longer enough for garden centres to merely offer catering for functions as an option – the need for permanent catering services are at an all time high and today stores must wow their clientele to stick it out in the catering game.

Improving the calibre of the meals, instead of blindly following trends is what’s important to clients, Hillier managing director Chris Francis, who’s leading a roll out of restaurant updates at Hillier’s 12 garden centres, which began at Newbury in 2016 said of the increasing demand of chef prepared meals.

The shift from grab and go meals off the specials table case doesn’t suggest the offer of microwavable meals is appropriate, however it might suggest re-understanding local produce and how restaurants and cafes can adapt the produce in a healthy, trendy and tasty way.

Over 3 million people in the UK have visited a garden center cafe while grabbing their landscaping needs from the store within the last few months, and it’s showing no signs of slowing. The marketplace, worth £200 million when valued in 2011 by HTA, is expected to improve by around 10% every year.

Belle and Joe’s Kitchen cafe at Timmermans Garden Centre makes just under half of the company’s annual return, based on an overview of its records in March. With over 1,400 garden centres currently providing catering services, specialists within the area state garden centres have to do more to go forward and stick out in the market.

Green Pastures garden center has stormed towards the top of marketplace with this pattern. The Garden Kitchen Diner was built-in 2015 when the company noticed a chance to branch into catering and take home meals.

The Norfolk-based garden center was named winner of the Catering Excellence Award at Horticulture Week’s Garden Retail Awards in February. The restaurant redefines the use of local resources by using produce grown within the farm-house on the property.

Garden centres are adding extra catering places to handle customer flow. An expense- effective method of doing this is through the use of mobile catering services or pop up stores.

Timmermans Garden Centre found an alternate way to handle customer demand with no inclusion of the second area. The Timmermans sold a classic path-master coach, to extend Belle and Joe’s Kitchen with the inclusion of a landscaping design that allows for an outdoor eating area as well.

The expansion, that has an approximate budget of £75,000-100,000 increases seat covers by 50%. The path-master coach has partly funded the project. Timmerman believes that the expansion may be the correct choice for that garden center to handle customer demand since the restaurant is really popular; adding another food outlet to the centre might be a waste of money.

Merchants don’t have to put money into making a pop up catering company but may still produce revenue and manage demand. Garden centres may outsource and obtain rental revenue from the pop up caterer which could quickly put up within the car park.

To capitalise best from the restaurants spaces, business owners should think about increasing the hours of the cafe beyond the opening times of the garden centre itself if it’s possible. There’s a missed chance to open catering services during the night, you wouldn’t find a high street cafe open only a couple hours each day, why would a garden center cafe close early? Obviously, everything depends upon the interior logistics of the centre but when the space allows for it than it’s an excellent opportunity.

The Gardeners Kitchen has tried staying open later with regular themed evening meals. These fine dining nights attract diners and can include live entertainment.

Stewart believes there’s large possibility of garden centre restaurants to remain open later, but only when restaurants opt to do this throughout the whole week. Since the facilities already exist, it makes much more sense to utilise what’s there rather than opening a new pop up store or truck.

The lunch time rush is something all catering services can understand. These are the crucial intervals where the garden center is most active. Providing longer services might help control visiting times and offers on the garden centre may help bring in people.

The rise of garden centre dining popularity is something that all centres’ can capitalise on, and so they should. Garden centres provide a unique area for dining that restaurants and cafes just can’t offer. Have you ever seen a cafe with a travel crate full of plants?

Traveling With Kids

Traveling with little children could present many challenges. You must be prepared. Bringing plenty of things for the kids to do while traveling would save you many hours of stress.

Newborn to Two Years

Children in this age group often will sleep on long drives so their sleeping patterns could inevitably be messed up. So it’s best to plan early for several breaks and rest stops to tend to your little kids, change diapers or allow them to run off some of the excess energy. Make sure to pack a favorite toy.

Children From 3 to 5

Occupying this age group will take a bit more ingenuity. Help your child to pack a kid-sized bag or box of activities. Make it something fun and thrilling with a few pieces for them to lose. It is likewise an excellent idea to include some snacks such as cookies or pretzels for them to nibble on. Books, toys, a few pieces of colored pens and coloring book all work perfectly for this age group. Don’t forget their favorite blanket and stuffed animal.

Children Six to Nine

Traveling with kids in this age bracket is often more fun and less stressful. Games could be invented like “how many blue cars do you see pass by.” Count out of license plates or SUV’s or something fun. If the child is able to read, pack a couple of his favorite books. Crayons and a color book might also interest this age bracket. A lightweight blanket and perhaps a stuffed toy as well could help them to feel comfortable.

Children 10 to 12

Tweens can be fussy. These kids can be really choosy and fickle minded. Be patient. Bring their headphones and some music. Consider a dvd and a player with headphones and have them watch a nice movie or something. Books are also excellent for this age bracket.

Children Thirteen to Fifteen Years Old

Often teenagers do not want to be seen with their dad and mom. That makes it all the more interesting. The reality is, they do love you and enjoy being your son or daughter, they just like to look cool to the other kids. Pack some dvd’s, music and lots of extra headphones. Also, you could encourage them to talk about the travel and sights they will see as well.

Children Sixteen to Eighteen

At this age, the effects of an early teenage stage have been eradicated. If possible, allow them to navigate or drive at some time. Let them help plan the route or the trip. Give them as many alternatives as you possibly can and they will feel a lot more like grown ups and willing to be seen with you. Of course, if all else doesn’t work, DVDs, music, and headphones are a good option for this age bracket as well.

Traveling with children can be an adventure if one looks at it that way. Bear in mind that children are only young once and one day you’ll reminisce with priced memories about road trips, even if this is the worst one you have ever been on.