Tips for Travelling Overseas For Cosmetic Surgery

A growing number of Australians are deciding to undergo cosmetic procedures abroad. While for many patients their principal concern is that the price of the treatment, others might opt to undergo minor surgery while they are on vacation, or have other motives for selecting an overseas treatment choice. Whether you are opting for affordable breast augmentation with rapid recovery or simply want to relax in a tropical location whilst recovering there are many reasons to travel and get the surgery done.

Listed below are our four best tips for ensuring that you get a fantastic experience and increase the probability of seeing the outcomes you desire from undergoing surgery overseas.

1. Do Your Research

Research is obviously important once you’re likely to undergo an operation, even more so when you are thinking about travelling overseas for treatment. You ought to be on the lookout for a clinic with a demonstrable record of supplying the therapy you’re searching for, while also making sure that they are licensed against Australian medical criteria. By doing your research, you make sure you’re exposing yourself to the greatest standards of treatment and aftercare. Always contact the clinic and ask for medical accreditation’s before committing.

2. Travelling Light, and Wear Loose Clothing

Based on the kind of operation you’re experiencing, you might well be advised to take it simply for a while after leaving the practice and recovering. As you’ll typically be requested to make certain you’re not travelling independently, it’s still better for those who travel as much light as possible as the odds are you will want to maneuver around a tote for only a little bit of time. Purchasing a lightweight case that’s on wheels and is easy to move around ought to be regarded as a must. With regards to what you are going to package and take with you, there are two things to think about: Where you are going and the climate there and what type of operation you are undergoing. If you are getting thigh liposuction then it is common sense to pack soft clothing lose around the thigh area.

As you’ll receive advice from the surgeon in particular instances, generally the best thing to do would be to decide on loose-fitting clothes, which is going to keep you comfy both out of a climate plus a post-surgery standpoint.

3. Pack Your Trip Basics

What could you usually package into your trip essentials? You want to take more or less precisely the exact same assortment of things, and triple and double check to be certain you’ve got all you want. In addition, you must think about taking extra items to make certain you’re likely to be equally entertained and comfortable when you’re recovering, especially in the event that you’ll be staying overseas for a time period prior to returning to Australia.

Add the following to a checklist:

  • An iPad or Notebook so it is possible to watch films, browse, or use social websites.
  • Plug adaptors.
  • Travel Pillow.
  • A small number of novels.
  • Compression stockings for flying.
  • Dry shampoo and body wipes in the event you’re not able to shower or bathtub as a scar or stitches are healing from the days immediately after surgery.

4. Being Prepared

Whenever you have your appointment and confirm you would like to proceed with your therapy, make certain you listen carefully to what you are told about everything you have to do in terms of your recovery and in the days immediately after surgery. As you are likely to be abroad, this can be even more crucial than normal — if there is something you require it is not as straightforward as getting a relative or friend to fetch something.

Speak to your overseas physician and make certain you have a routine set up for your time overseas following your operation in addition to your trip home. It’s also wise to make prior arrangements for almost any aftercare you need when you are back in Australia.

Being well prepared will make certain you’re set up for a cosy recovery and lower the potential for complications.

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