Designer Shoes To Travel With On Holidays

It’s a dilemma all tourists, male and female, are familiar with: which ankle boots should you take on holidays? As one of the bulkiest products in your travel luggage, some tough decisions remain in order. Can you bare to prioritise useful shoes over knee high boots? Is 3 sets of sneakers a lot? And are your preferred leather boots really worth the blisters after a day sightseeing?

To make sure you’re putting your finest foot forward on your next vacation we have actually sourced Australia’s most fashionable shoe designers and asked to share their favourite footwear with us– as well as which travel destinations they were made to be worn in.

Habbot Studios

Who they are: A high-end series of leather shoes made in Italy and designed in Melbourne by Annie Abbott. The streamlined brand name includes quirky twists of unusual products and colour in classic shoe patterns.

What influences them: According to Abbott, the materials are always the starting point for each new line. Traveling to a leather and fabric producer in Milan twice a year, the designer searches tanneries and fabric houses for noteworthy products that form the basis for each brand-new collection.


Who they are: Volley is an Aussie brand name that has its roots in tennis, along with skating. High-grade suedes and leathers form the basis of this uber-urban business’s most current shoes collection.

What inspires them: Clean lines, using Volley’s tennis heritage, individualism and Australia’s simple, relaxed lifestyle.

Which shoe to pack: The high-leap Hairy Suede boots and shoes must absolutely make the packing list for a trip to Rome. The basic, fuzzy hi-tops were produced for stomping around the ancient cobblestone streets; they’re the type of shoe you can venture off the beaten path and get lost in.

Squire Shoes

Who they are: Understood for putting coloured footwear on the men’s shoe map in Australia, the Squire Brothers are the brains behind a brand that is everything about instilling convenience in a visually pleasing bundle.

Nina Armando

Who they are: Nina Armando shoes are acknowledged for their strong fashion appeal, as well as for being completely contoured, colourful and easy to wear in their flat boots. The eponymous designer started the brand in 2005.

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