The Top 5 Yoga Studios of Sydney

These days people are so busy with the pressures of work, social, personal, family and relationship commitments, it’s important to take time for yourself in order to reconnect with your soul and be a grounded person. This is the reason that people are switching towards a healthier and purposeful life and finding yoga the best way to get started. Similar to the popularity of yoga in Hobart, in Sydney people are crazy about yoga too, and you will find many studios there to cater for the craze. Picking one favourite is a difficult task, however if you’re travelling to Sydney soon here are some of our top picks for yoga studios. They have unique qualities which I will share with you. No matter if you are a seasoned yogi, or can hardly do one single pose, you can still access the following studios to relax your mind and body. 


BodyMindLife has been in the world of yoga for fifteen years, it has earned a good reputation among the people during these years, and this is the reason that it is considered one of the best yoga studios. It not only has a large community of clients but also has 4 studios on the locations Bondi Beach, Surry Hills, Potts Point, and Redfern. This studio provides classes in Vinyasa yoga, anti-gravity, Yin yoga, which will help you to discover the best version of yourself, and live your life with mindfulness. The environment of this studio is very relaxing, which will put your mind at ease. 

Humming puppy 

Humming puppy is a luxurious and super chic place to give your body a treat. In this studio, a specific type of yoga is not prescribed; hence it is completely based on the technique of movement asana, breath-pranayama, and awareness meditation. These principles are the basics of their classes, which is welcoming to the beginners. The balanced temperature is maintained in the humming puppy studio. While practicing yoga, the room hums with noise. The humming puppy provides more than the regular practice of yoga. You will surely feel positive vibes in this studio. 


If you take yoga as a way of life rather than taking it as a type of exercise, then InYoga is the best place for you. It is a light-filled, warehouse-style studio, which is situated in Surry Hills, and it was created for the people to connect the intellectual people, share and enrich their knowledge. InYoga offers classes, workshops, training, and arranges events. The main purpose of all these activities is to encourage people to feel, know, live, and love life. In this studio, you get a friendly and refreshing environment.

Power Living 

The power living offers yoga at the northern beaches of Sydney, and it is one of the biggest yoga chains of Sydney as it has studios in Miranda, Manly, Bondi Beach, Neutral Bay, and Junction. Each studio of Power Living is airy, light, bright, and relaxing. They offer you a large variety of activities and workshops. If you are in search of a dynamic place for yoga practice, then Power Living is the best option for you. 


SKY-LAB is the first aerial studio of Sydney, offering you yoga sessions that will keep you flying high! The aerial yoga session might look difficult and daunting, but it is friendly, and its looming heights and extravagant poses shouldn’t put you off. The unique yoga session provides you with an exciting and relaxing change from the regular mat-based yoga session. The SKY-Lab also offers you corporate classes, private sessions, intensive courses, and regular beginner workshops. This studio will teach you how to fly gracefully. 

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