Top Travel Tech Accessories

Holidays are fun (hopefully), but getting to the destination and losing out on a few of the creature comforts of home is kind of a drag. Then you need to attempt and keep yourself amused, expect your bag will not get lost, and ensure that you don’t fry your favourite gadget when traveling abroad. The accessories on this list can give you a hand on all those fronts. They will also help you drown out traveling noise, keep your apparatus nice and billed, and assist your phone endure a dip in the water.

A power converter
Don’t fry your electronic equipment when you go abroad. It’s a tiny investment and will help substantially, buy a power converter. Besides its three outlets, this power converter has 4 USB ports, so you don’t need to take up any outlets if you will need to control your phone, tablet or computer. If you are picking one of those up you’ll be all set for travel to Europe, the US, UK, or Australia.

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker
If you are going on a beach holiday, then it is a fantastic idea to bring a waterproof Bluetooth speaker together. You can listen to your favourite songs without worrying about it getting ruined if a big wave comes or it gets left in the rain.

A selfie stick
Selfie sticks have become a constant companion for many world wide travellers. Once paired, you can snap a photo or zoom in or out through the buttons on the rod’s base. Reviewers on Amazon are usually happy with the device’s overall design and build quality, although one lamented the fact that it wasn’t powerful enough to maintain their DSLR despite Fugetek’s claims.

A battery situation
If you are traveling and do not feel like carrying around an external battery, then it may be a great idea to get a battery case for your cell phone. Like I have said before, nothing is worse when traveling than getting your telephone die on you.

A waterproof phone case
If you are going to be around a great deal of beaches and pools on the next trip, it is critical to be certain that you’ve got a case in your telephone that could stand getting wet. We are going to continue to advocate the Lifeproof Fre as the finest waterproof phone case alternative. It’s a small profile and works as advertised: If your telephone requires a dip while in this situation, you won’t need to run for the rice. If you like the notion of having more watertight tech, do not worry, we have got you covered.

Noise-cancelling cans
Engine noise, kids screaming, and chatty row mates are all a part of the contemporary traveling experience. Tuning out them can be the difference between arriving at your destination well rested or very aggravated, which is where noise-cancelling cans become involved.

A bag tracker
If you have ever lost a bag when traveling, you know how tedious and stressful it’s hoping to get it back. Plus there is the thought that it may never be found and your stuff will probably only wind up in a between-airport limbo. Trakdot would like to eliminate that frustration with its palm-sized luggage tracker.

The tracker has a GSM chip inside of it so that you can be kept current on its latest destination (hopefully you are at the exact same one.) This GPS like system can be purchased from any IT service company around your area. When this device is within 30 feet of you, the Trakdot will send your iOS or Android telephone an alert. Reviews of this product seem favourable, but there is one catch: there is an annual, biannual, or lifetime subscription fee. This makes sense since the GSM chip at the Trakdot is doing the same job as it would in a mobile phone, but it is still something to take into account. However, this information and data being stored is safe as it uses private cloud computing services.

A high-capacity external battery
External battery chargers have become popular, but since they get larger in size as well as how much power they supply, many people just have a small one. Do yourself a favour and invest in a slightly bigger, but make sure it has a much higher capacity battery. There is nothing worse than thinking you have sufficient power to get you through a journey, but getting stuck with a horrible layover or missed connection. In addition, this one has two USB ports, so that you may help out a buddy if you are traveling together.

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