Traveling With Kids

Traveling with little children could present many challenges. You must be prepared. Bringing plenty of things for the kids to do while traveling would save you many hours of stress.

Newborn to Two Years

Children in this age group often will sleep on long drives so their sleeping patterns could inevitably be messed up. So it’s best to plan early for several breaks and rest stops to tend to your little kids, change diapers or allow them to run off some of the excess energy. Make sure to pack a favorite toy.

Children From 3 to 5

Occupying this age group will take a bit more ingenuity. Help your child to pack a kid-sized bag or box of activities. Make it something fun and thrilling with a few pieces for them to lose. It is likewise an excellent idea to include some snacks such as cookies or pretzels for them to nibble on. Books, toys, a few pieces of colored pens and coloring book all work perfectly for this age group. Don’t forget their favorite blanket and stuffed animal.

Children Six to Nine

Traveling with kids in this age bracket is often more fun and less stressful. Games could be invented like “how many blue cars do you see pass by.” Count out of license plates or SUV’s or something fun. If the child is able to read, pack a couple of his favorite books. Crayons and a color book might also interest this age bracket. A lightweight blanket and perhaps a stuffed toy as well could help them to feel comfortable.

Children 10 to 12

Tweens can be fussy. These kids can be really choosy and fickle minded. Be patient. Bring their headphones and some music. Consider a dvd and a player with headphones and have them watch a nice movie or something. Books are also excellent for this age bracket.

Children Thirteen to Fifteen Years Old

Often teenagers do not want to be seen with their dad and mom. That makes it all the more interesting. The reality is, they do love you and enjoy being your son or daughter, they just like to look cool to the other kids. Pack some dvd’s, music and lots of extra headphones. Also, you could encourage them to talk about the travel and sights they will see as well.

Children Sixteen to Eighteen

At this age, the effects of an early teenage stage have been eradicated. If possible, allow them to navigate or drive at some time. Let them help plan the route or the trip. Give them as many alternatives as you possibly can and they will feel a lot more like grown ups and willing to be seen with you. Of course, if all else doesn’t work, DVDs, music, and headphones are a good option for this age bracket as well.

Traveling with children can be an adventure if one looks at it that way. Bear in mind that children are only young once and one day you’ll reminisce with priced memories about road trips, even if this is the worst one you have ever been on.